Land Registry Mapping & MUDS

Since the 1st June 2011 compulsory registration of ownership of land has been extended to Counties Cork and Dublin by SI 516 of 2010. As part of the documentation the property in question must be outlined in red on a Land registry Compliant Map. Burdens such as rights of way may also need to be accurately marked. COMMA provide an accurate and cost effective mapping service.

Rates For Mapping:

Standard Land registry Map:                                                                     €182+VAT@23%

(includes cost of original Land Registry Compliant OS Map)

If Original Map supplied by Client:                                                             €150+VAT@23%

Multiple Copies:                                                                               €10+VAT per extra copy

Non Standard Maps, Multi Storey Maps:                           Price Subject to size & complexity


Multiple Unit Developments Act 2011 (MUDS)

Accurate Mapping of Common Areas for transfer to Owner Management Companies: From €300+VAT@23% (subject to size & complexity)

As part of a transfer of ownership ‘Opinions on Compliance’ with the Planning and Building Regulations may also be required. As an RIAI registered, fully insured practice with independent quality control accreditation COMMA are qualified to provide Opinions on Compliance.

Visa and Laser Card payments accepted.


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